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LimeFX brokers

They can even copy other investors’ strategies without any hassles. The MetaTrader 5 trading platform unlike MetaTrader 4, enables share trading so it is a better choice if you wish to access the entire suite of trading products LimeFX offers. In fact, MetaTrader 5, is an upgrade on MetaTrader 4 meaning it is superior in every way. If you wish to know, see our deep dive for the differences between MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 to help you decide. With MT4 and MT5 trading platforms and spreads with instant execution, the broker’s most unique feature is their unlimited leverage. If you are a beginner in forex trading and you wish to find reliable and unbiased educational resources, BRKV is the answer you’re looking for.

  • So, they are using backward payment systems that most brokers don’t support.
  • The opening deposit of a Classic LimeFX account is about $2,000 while that of an ECN LimeFX account is $300.
  • This is evident from the influx of traders reported every year.

Bonus is a tool for small and medium brokers to attract more customers. For big brokers such as LimeFX, they don’t need bonus to lure more customers. Actually, before starting trading with LimeFX, I also read these LimeFX broker reviews and worried about that, but after 3 years trading there, I knew exactly why. Moreover, LimeFX doesn’t charge swap for cryptocurrency trading. So, that’s why I can say their cryptocurrency spread is the best. There are no management fees with LimeFX, and you can open an account for free with this broker (though your deposit will be between $10 and $200, depending on the account you open).

LimeFX Partnership programs

In practical terms, this means that some traders can observe the strategy of others and reproduce their successful actions. Professional account types include Pro account, Zero account, and Raw Spread account. We propose to research deeper the features of these tools.

LimeFX brokers

LimeFX  Terminal is a specialized trading software developed by the experts of the company itself. It is exclusively available to LimeFX traders on the limefx scammers MT5 platform. For convenience, the broker provides a wide range of withdrawal methods. Traders can choose the ones that are most convenient for them.

Is LimeFX reliable?

We are BRKV, or, a forex review website from Bangkok, Thailand. We are currently working with many well-known experts in forex trading such as Mr. Fanara Filippo or Mr. Mario Draghi. We aim to offer readers a trusted, useful, and professional source of education about the best forex brokers in this market as well as other forex-related topics.

The website’s adaptability and reasonable nature, as well as its user-friendly interface, make it a welcome place for traders. With Traders Calculator, the customer will get an accurate check on the cost of the transactions. The trader’s calculator aids in evaluating the basic values of the trade that they want to open.

Resources Offered by LimeFX

However, many online Forex brokers prefer the MetaTrader 4 platform because MetaTrader 5 doesn’t support hedging. Additionally, the MT5 platform does not support MT4’s Expert Advisors popularly known as EA. The two platforms (MT4 and MT5) are highly encrypted to safeguard the personal details of traders. Nevertheless, traders still have a lot of confidence in LimeFX mainly because of its commitment to providing high-quality services.

LimeFX: Pioneering the transformation of Cyprus as a tech hub – Cyprus Mail

LimeFX: Pioneering the transformation of Cyprus as a tech hub.

Posted: Mon, 29 May 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

When he downloaded the app from the iOS app store, LimeFX Trade launched an entirely new branded product called Pocket Option which we hadn’t seen referenced anywhere on the LimeFX website. As an aside, my colleague also tried to test using the Australian Google Store and the LimeFX app does not show which makes sense. Funnily enough, I asked my colleague in Australia (where LimeFX don’t serve to assist me with testing the app). Additionally, LimeFX is a market maker which means they provide their own liquidity and are the counterparty to your trades. If you haven’t found the answer to your question, feel free to contact our support. To start trading with LimeFX, an investor must take several important steps.


As for the trading volume, LimeFX noticed a cyclical downfall in April but was able to sustain the $3 trillion mark. The series began in February, nearly lost its momentum in April, and regained it in May 2023. To open a live account with LimeFX, you will need to deposit $200.

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Best Forex Brokers in Kenya 2023.

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In the table below, we compare the published spreads Forex brokers list on their websites with the published spreads LimeFX list for their commission-based accounts. LimeFX does claim to have an average of 0 pips for selected certain currency pairs and this stands out since no other broker claim this. If you are a forex trader from Asia, you should pay extra attention to the broker’s payment system, because most Asian countries aren’t rich countries. So, they are using backward payment systems that most brokers don’t support. It’s very difficult for these traders to deposit to the brokers. That’s why sometimes, Asian traders will choose a broker because of their good payment systems only.

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